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565. Create my own fragrance

My Story

Attempted March 2003

I’d love to be able to put together a lovely scent with essential oils that people would love. I took an aromatherapy class and attempted to invent a scent. We made two in the class – one an oil to be used in a bath, and the other an oil to be diluted in mineral water and used as a spritzer.

For my spritzer, I had grand designs of a unique and wonderful scent, but I ended up with something that smelled more like some kind of cleaning supply. I tried to rescue it with the patient help of the teacher, but it sat unused in my medicine cabinet for months before I finally got up the nerve to throw it out.

After the spritzer disaster, I chickened out with the bath oil and put together two scents I knew would be lovely together – orange and clove – and I had many wonderful baths that smelled of pomanders.

But it was hardly innovative or original.

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