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558. Do the I Ching

My Story

Completed June 1996

I was first introduced to the I Ching when I worked at a bookstore. One day, a stressed-out man hurried in and asked for a copy of the I Ching. He explained that he had just received a job offer and wasn’t sure if he should accept it or not. He didn’t want to make his decision without first consulting the I Ching.

He bought the book, and showed me how to use three pennies tossed six times to build a hexagram. Once you had the hexagram, you looked up the meaning of that particular hexagram in the book for advice on handling your current situation.

I was surprised that someone who seemed to be so business-minded and professional would put so much faith in something that seemed so random. I thought about it several times over the weeks and months that followed, and finally purchased my own copy of the hexagram codes.

Like many things of this nature, the advice I have received from the I Ching has been hit or miss. Sometimes, I feel that the advice is heavy and relevant, revealing an insight into the situation and other times, I have trouble connecting the advice to my situation. I can’t say that it’s more or less accurate and satisfying than a Magic 8 ball.

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