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552. Cook dinner in the fireplace

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Updated July 20, 2009

Before you can cook dinner in the fireplace, you need to either live in a house that has a fireplace or else you need to have a good soft-hearted friend who has a fireplace and is willing to let you pull of such an experiment in their home.

I’ve lived in two homes with fireplaces. One house my parents rented for a couple of years when I was in elementary school, and another that I rented for a year when I first moved to California. I don’t remember my parents ever actually using the fireplace in the home and the only thing it was good for was an afternoon of entertainment one Sunday when a bird got stuck and we spent a few hours freeing him so he could be on his way.

In my own fireplace-blessed apartment, the fireplace was a fake gas one that was turned on by a light switch on the wall, so I’m not too sure you even could have safely cooked anything in there. I did toast marshmallows with some girlfriends in there one night, and that seemed to go okay, but anything more complicated would have probably made a big mess and been a fire hazard.

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