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545. Compose a fairy tale

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Updated January 17, 2010

I’ve always loved fairy tales. I read them voraciously as a child – Hans Christian Anderson, The Grimms, old folktales, just about anything really. Some of my favorites were The Red Shoes, The Matchbox Girl, and the Princess and the Pea.

I loved the silly morals being taught in the stories and I loved that magic was accepted as commonplace. I loved the idea of living in a world where you could buy magic beans on the street or own a goose that laid golden eggs, or have a strange little man who was able to spin straw into gold. I was also enamored of the romantically tragic endings of some of them like The Little Mermaid. Disney got it all wrong – she doesn’t get the Prince and dies of a broken heart, her soul becoming the wind.

I still own a few collections of fairy tales to this day. And I will, someday sit down to write my own.

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