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543. Raise a child to be a wonderful person

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Updated September 23, 2009

It seems like sometimes we forget that everyone else around us is a human being with a full life, a history, a story. We’re much to quick to dismiss someone as ‘just the bus driver’ or ‘just the barista’ or ‘the stupid waitress’ without really knowing what’s going on – what kind of day they’re having, what kinds of events are going on in their lives right now, what their dreams are. And we don’t necessarily have to know all of that, but we have to acknowledge that it’s there and have respect for that.

And that’s what I mean by a ‘wonderful person’. Someone who treats others with respect, kindness, and compassion. Someone who has an awareness that there’s an entire world that exists outside the realm of their own knowledge.

Of course, how much influence parents really have over how their children turn out is up for debate. Still, I can be a positive influence or a negative one, and I choose positive.

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