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541. Sing at a wedding

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Updated June 22, 2009

This was definitely one of the original items added to the list in high school. I formed two different musical groups with like-minded friends: The Candlelight Quintette and Symphonic Waves.

We got a few gigs – we played for the men’s group at the Mennonite church near the holidays and played and sang Christmas carols. A few weeks later, we played for some sort of ladies’ group that reminded me of the groups that Lucy and Ethel always belonged to on I Love Lucy. We played in a high school talent show. We cut a demo tape, but mostly just distributed it to our friends.

We definitely would have loved to play at someone’s wedding, but it never happened. I’ve never been asked to sing at a friend’s or family member’s wedding. At this point, my voice is rusty and out of practice, and I don’t think I’d really be up for the challenge anyway, at least not without a few singing lessons. The days when I walked around singing nonstop are definitely gone.

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