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534. Surprise someone with Swedish fish

My Story

Completed June 1999

You know what Swedish fish are, right? They’re those little red jelly candies shaped like fish, from way back before we had gummy bears, gummy worms, gummy rats, etc. I remember going to the penny candy store and buying them – they were in their own little container, and you took them out with little tongs. They had red and black. I can’t seem to find the black ones anymore. Just red and then this other assortment of fruit flavors. I tried them once, but nothing can beat the good old red ones.

Assorted Swedish fish

Photo courtesy of Brandy Shaul

Anyway, I surprised my friend Bean with about a pound of Swedish fish that I mailed to her. They’re great for mailing because they won’t melt like chocolate. She was thrilled and send me a very nice thank you card.

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