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526. Leave a present for the postal carrier in the mailbox

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Updated January 30, 2011

I imagine that being a postal carrier can be a pretty thankless job, but isn’t it nice when you live somewhere with a great postal carrier? One that actually attempts to bring your packages to your door rather than just put one of those annoying orange cards in your mailbox so you have to find the time to make it to the post office to pick up your package. One that lugs even big heavy boxes up some stairs to leave them on your porch. When I have a great postal carrier, I want to thank him or her.

But the USPS says we can’t give gifts to them – though they are willing to “overlook” gifts of up to $20 in value – and suggests instead writing a letter to the postal carrier’s supervisor praising him or her.

Which do you think the postal carrier would appreciate more?

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