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507. Eat real key lime pie in the Keys

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Updated September 6, 2009

Once, after taking in a movie with girlfriends, we stopped in a coffee shop for a cup of tea and slice of pie. I had the worst luck with the pie that night. First, I tried ordering a slice of cherry. When the waitress returned with pie slices for the other girls, she apologized to me because they were out of cherry, and asked me to make another choice. I then tried the apple. She returned a few minutes later to apologize that they were also out of apple. I looked at my friend’s delicious-looking chocolate cream, and asked if I could have a slice for myself, but the waitress apologized and said my friend had gotten the last slice. I finally tried ordering banana cream, and while the waitress was away, I joked, watch, I’m going to be stuck with key lime.

Sure enough, the waitress returned with a slice of key lime pie and set it on the table before me. Whether she just gave up and brought me the first slice of pie she came across the kitchen or if she just genuinely mixed up my banana cream request, I’ll ever know, but there I was with my first-ever slice of key lime pie.

And although it wasn’t my first choice (or my second, third, fourth, or fifth), it was delicious – creaming and tart and refreshing.

Of course, I have no way of knowing if that was real key lime pie, but I’ve since become convinced that the only way to be sure is to head to the Keys and have a slice right there.

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