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503. Rent a jukebox for a party

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Updated December 11, 2009

When I was growing up, a lot of places were equipped with juke boxes, from the Pizza Hut where we liked to eat lunch from time to time to the arcade where we hung out all summer long, a few quarters would make sure you heard all your favorite songs, and that everyone else heard them too.

These days it seems that jukeboxes have mostly been replaced by piped-in satellite radio with mood stations like ‘lively lunchtime’ and ‘romantic dinner’ or people’s own personal iPods.

I’ve always been kind of obsessed with having just the right music playing at  party and in high school I’d spend hours with my vinyl and my tape recorder, recording music and then making mix tapes to set just the right mood. Over time, the mix tapes gave way to CDs and then those became a bunch of MP3s on a thumb drive. Just get a juke box and let the party guests pick the music. Wouldn’t that be the easy way to do it? For me, at least, it would save a lot of party hosting preparation time.

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