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488. Sell Girl Scout cookies

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Updated June 22, 2009

I suppose that as an American girl, you get two chances to sell Girl Scout cookies. Once when you are Girl Scout age, and once again when your own daughters are Girl Scout age.

I never was a Girl Scout. Not that I didn’t want to be, but I wasn’t allowed. I had been a Brownie, but I misbehaved and that was the end of that as far as my parents were concerned. I never convinced them to let the older and more mature me join. So I missed my first chance to sell Girl Scout cookies.

I guess plan B is to have a daughter of my own and hope that she’s interested in joining Girl Scouts.

I’d also like to add that while I’ve never sold Girl Scout cookies, I still do a really good job of buying them. Every single year. I buy a lot, actually. The secret is that they freeze perfectly. I fill up my freezer in February and enjoy those cookies until the fall, bit by bit. And let me just say, there is nothing like a frozen Thin Mint on a hot August day.

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