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487. Re-take the SAT’s

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Neverminded February 13, 2010

Teachers and guidance counselors nearly talked themselves hoarse telling us over and over that if we were serious about getting into college we needed to plan on taking the SATs at least twice and had to apply to at least five different colleges to be sure we’d get accepted at least one.

Maybe it was my teenage arrogance or maybe I just knew what I wanted. I took the SATs only once, though I did smartly add retaking the SATs to my list in high school, I never actually did it. They’ve changed them all around now, but I think my score was around 1400 – not great, but not bad either. Supposedly most students got about 100 or 150 points higher the second time around, but I thought the score was fine.

I also only applied to one college. After my parents spent countless weekends driving me around to various college campuses, I found the one I liked the best and that seemed the most affordable and applied there. I had no backup plan in the event that I wasn’t accepted, but I was confident I would be, and I was right. I was also accepted into their Honors program.

I have absolutely no interest in revisiting analytic geometry and calculus to study for the SATs again. If I took them again, my score would probably be about 10.

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