To Do

595. Collage my life story

A fun and more engaging way to tell the story of my life.

545. Compose a fairy tale

Updated January 17, 2010 I’ve always loved fairy tales. I read them voraciously as a child – Hans Christian Anderson, The Grimms, old folktales, just about anything really. Some of my favorites were The Red Shoes, The Matchbox Girl, and the Princess and the Pea. I loved the silly morals being taught in the stories […]

540. Write a letter to the editor praising someone in public life

Updated November 15, 2009 The world seems to have gone a little mad – there are dozens of TV shows and web sites dedicated to nothing more than ridiculing people in public life and showcasing all the stupid and crazy things that they do. With all of that mess going on, it’s hard to find […]

538. Write all that I remember of my family history for the next generations

Updated August 23, 2009 I think that what might be more treasured by my descendants than a written history of my family is to have as many recordings as possible. Audio recordings and video recordings, and I do still want to make my giant collage book telling the story of my life. My own handiwork […]

403. Write to a lover in code

Updated August 17, 2009 How fun and mysterious to get a secret letter written in a code. The anticipation and mystery of figuring it out. I’ll definitely have to give this one a try. I’ll report back on the results.

394. Write poetry while sitting in a Parisian cafe

Updated October 28, 2009 I don’t think I’ve ever been so in love with anyone’s life as I was when I read Simone de Beauvoir’s biography. I wanted that life so much – dressing up in gorgeous dresses with my hair just so, then lounging around cafes, smoking cigarettes, debating philosophy, and writing. I will […]

322. Submit a manuscript

Completed May 2001 Actually, I’ve submitted quite a lot of manuscripts. Not that you could tell from my long list of published articles and short stories. I’m not complaining. I know it’s hard work to be published. I just have to remember not to let it make me doubt myself.

311. Write an anonymous letter to someone

Updated September 18, 2009 I added this item to my to do list so long ago that I don’t remember what my intent was. Did I want to write an anonymous letter to someone praising them? Did I intend to scold a loud neighbor anonymously? Did I want to be a secret admirer and confess […]

307. Plan the perfect crime and sell it to Hollywood for a movie

Updated June 1, 2009 What is the perfect crime? It certainly doesn’t involve murdering anyone. Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, a la Robin Hood? Doing over some dirty bird who really deserves it? Getting away with a funny and nasty trick? I suppose I’ll have to settle on the perfect crime […]

222. Start a dream journal

I’d love to have a recording of my mind’s activity while I was sleeping. It’s funny how quickly the strands of a dream slip from our minds after we wake.

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