To Do

548. Frame all past and present business cards

Updated August 1, 2009 I guess it might be a little sad, but I’ve so rarely had jobs where I had or needed business cards. They’re not big on providing them to all the employees at the Dairy Queen. In fact, I can’t think of a single employer who provided me with business cards. All […]

467. Be a flight attendant

The story of how I attempted to be a flight attendant for American Eagle Airlines.

441. Send unsigned Valentines to co-workers

Updated November 15, 2009 I think it would just be fun to go into work on Valentine’s Day after delivering mystery Valentines to everyone’s desks and offices in the middle of the night and see what happened. Would it become a great mystery that everyone would try to solve? Or would they just shrug and […]

344. Get paid what I am worth

Updated January 17, 2010 I guess that to be able to check this one off, I’d have to know for sure what I am worth. I know that I sure do make a lot more money now that I have at any other job I’ve done in the past. I’ve spent time in fast food, […]

289. Get a great, fulfilling job

I suppose that this one has been a ‘work in progress’ since I started working when I was 16. Or maybe even before that since I had a rather popular babysitting service starting around the time I was 12. I mostly enjoyed babysitting, but it’s a lot of work. My favorite part was babysitting kids […]

172. Impress the boss

Completed many times over. I am an obsessive-compulsive hyper-organized perfectionist. I suppose that could mean a lot of different things to different people. To my bosses, it seems to always mean, “Wow! Look at this girl. She’s bright. She’s so talented. She’s sharp as a tack. She works so hard and I pay her so […]

10. Have my own business (be my own boss)

After many dreams and false starts, I’m finally on my way!