To Do

574. Ride a bicycle through Bordeaux

There are plenty of places I’d like to experience on a bicycle, and Bordeaux is definitely one of them.

377. Share a mouthful of wine with a lover

Updated October 11, 2010 Sure, it could get messy, especially if it’s red wine, but it’s so intimate and luxurious.

315. Wine and dine someone who deserves it

Updated January 10, 2010 I can’t really say for sure that I haven’t completed this one – I’ve wined and dined people, and why on earth would I have done so if they didn’t deserve it? But I can’t recall a time that I purposefully took someone out for a night on the town as […]

219. Debate the definition of art in a smoky café

In honor of the spirit of Simone de Beauvoir

205. Take a wine-tasting class

Updated July 13, 2009 I can hardly imagine anything more sophisticated and debonair than being able to look over a wine list in a fancy restaurant and confidently ordering the wine that perfectly pairs with my dinner. But, alas, I hardly know anything about wine, and most of the time, I’d much prefer a cocktail […]

145. Go wine-tasting in Sonoma County, California

Updated February 8, 2009 I’m so close, it could easily be a weekend car trip. I don’t know a lot about wine, but I’d like to learn.

117. Stomp grapes in Tuscany

May 11, 2009 Yes, I am a fan of ‘I Love Lucy’. Why do you ask? Once upon a time, wanting to learn more about wine, I rented a wine course from Netflix. It had many DVDs each covering a specific varietal of wine, explaining where it came from, what its characteristics were, and what […]

111. Buy a $100 bottle of wine and share it with old friends

May 11, 2009 At one point in my life spending $100 on a single bottle of wine seemed extravagant and luxurious. How wonderful that wine must be. And who could be more deserving of such a delectable treat, than old friends – the ones who’ve stood by you through thick and thin and supported your […]