To Do

105. Hike the Appalachian Trail

Updated January 2, 2011 Maybe I’ll do this after I’m retired. It’s probably just the pace of my life, but there’s something really appealing about spending a couple of weeks in the wilderness, unplugged and enjoying the trees.

99. Volunteer at a National Park

Updated May 11, 2009 I have tremendous respect for our National Parks and National Monuments. Future generations will be so glad that we saved some of the most beautiful and amazing wilderness areas for them to enjoy. The huge amount of visitors and infrastructure is overwhelming and expensive. I’d like to spend a summer volunteering […]

46. Visit a tropical rainforest

Updated December 14, 2009 There was a time in my life when I wanted nothing more than to be a wildlife biologist, living in the rainforest and studying the plants and the animals. I was enamored of the lush vegetation and exotic animals, and somehow thought that it would be a wonderful life, living in […]

8. Go on a safari in Africa

Zoos make me sad. I love animals and seeing them, but hate seeing them in tiny pens and cages unable to live wild and free.