To Do

354. Take the ferry to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty

It’s an entire days’ worth of exploring to visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

328. Keep an aquarium

Completed February 2010 A friend of a friend gifted me with a saltwater aquarium that he no longer had room for after a move, and it’s become a real obsession. I’ve got a few different kinds of coral, snails, shrimp, clams, mussels, a small lobster, a damsel fish, a clown fish, and another weird sand-eating […]

325. Listen to whales

Updated July 13, 2009 I don’t suppose we’ll ever know what messages whales are sharing with one another when they sing their eerie and beautiful songs. But just because I don’t speak the language doesn’t mean I can’t eavesdrop on the message. What does one whale have to say to another? The location of a […]

196. Swim in each of the seven seas

Updated May 25, 2009 The Seven Seas always puzzled me. I remember learning in fourth grade that there were four oceans and then hundreds of seas, so I wondered what on Earth people were talking about when they said “The Seven Seas.” So, my first step in figuring out this mystery and then actually swimming […]

184. Have a house on the ocean

It would be paradise to fall asleep to the sound of the waves each night.

164. Sketch the ocean on a deserted beach

Updated January 5, 2010 If I thought about it for a moment, I could probably tell you almost the exact date that I put this one on my list. I was drifting, feeling a little lost and wondering what on earth I wanted to do with my life when I spotted a posting on the […]

142. Ride a gondola in Venice

Updated May 31, 2010 I know it’s all cliched and touristy, but how can you even think about visiting Venice without riding in a gondola? I’m hoping to plan a trip to Italy within the next year or two, and Venice will definitely be on my list. And I’ll surely ride in a gondola while […]

97. Learn to sail

Updated November 18, 2009 One year for spring break, a group of 20 college women car pooled from North Carolina to Miami, Florida. When we arrived, we found our boat, the Shark XIV, and our skipper, Captain Joe, waiting for us at the docks. After a ridiculous stop at a grocery store loading up on […]

90. Go skinny dipping

Completed August 2004 Wild things are bound to happen when you spend time with a Mermaid. You know how this goes. You’re sitting around talking, you have a few glasses of wine. You decide to go up on the roof of your building to appreciate the view of the Hollywood sign and the LA skyline. […]

76. Parasail

Updated February 8, 2009 This is parasailing: Photo courtesy of SJ Photography. I love to be out on the water, and this seems like a great way to have fun without it being too terribly dangerous. Look at the view you could have: Photo courtesy of juanpg.

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