To Do

593. Take a cruise

Updated June 27, 2009 Cruises are so common nowadays, it’s hard for some people to believe that I’ve never been on one. So my sister and I have a cruise planned for November of 2010. We don’t know where we’re going yet. We’ve both opened savings accounts at Smarty Pig and are saving our pennies. […]

570. Visit the site of the Titanic wreck on the ocean floor

I learned about the Titanic in history classes before it was actually located – I love a good mystery so I’d like to see this one that was solved.

537. Ride a swan boat in Boston Public Gardens

Updated February 6, 2009 How could you look at pictures like these and not want to ride in a swan boat? Photo courtesy of David Paul Ohmer. Photo courtesy of David Paul Ohmer. I haven’t been to Boston yet, but unless I somehow end up there in the dead of winter, you’d better believe I’m […]

511. Go snorkeling in St. John

Updated May 4, 2009 The snorkeling is so good in St. John, there’s an entire web site devoted to it: photo courtesy of Alex Dodd All the ingredients are there: beautiful island; white sand; tranquil, warm, blue water; coral reefs full of amazing fish and sea creatures. What a terrific way to spend an […]

484. Spend a night in a lighthouse

It would be fun to spend a night pretending to be a lighthouse keeper.

446. Scuba-dive for jewelry in a public lake

I’ve lost enough jewelry at public swimming places to know that there’s a treasure to be found.

443. Swim in the Dead Sea

Just one of the many things I’d like to see and do in Israel.

437. Go down in a submarine

Updated June 27, 2009 The closest I’ve come to going beneath the ocean’s surface is when I was visiting Catalina Island. There are usually submarine tours available, but of course, when I visited, the submarine was out of commission for some reason. I was disappointed, but was still able to snag a seat on a […]

367. Water ski

Fresh air, water, grace, and exhilaration. Well, maybe not grace, but I want to at least try.

363. Go whale-watching

Updated June 8, 2009 I’m lucky enough to live in Los Angeles, and just off the coast, there are oodles of boats waiting to take tourists out to see the gray whales as they migrate between their summer and winter homes in Mexico and Alaska. All I have to do is make a reservation and […]

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