To Do

196. Swim in each of the seven seas

Updated May 25, 2009 The Seven Seas always puzzled me. I remember learning in fourth grade that there were four oceans and then hundreds of seas, so I wondered what on Earth people were talking about when they said “The Seven Seas.” So, my first step in figuring out this mystery and then actually swimming […]

46. Visit a tropical rainforest

Updated December 14, 2009 There was a time in my life when I wanted nothing more than to be a wildlife biologist, living in the rainforest and studying the plants and the animals. I was enamored of the lush vegetation and exotic animals, and somehow thought that it would be a wonderful life, living in […]

5. Re-visit the Bahamas

I took an amazing trip to the Bahamas during Spring Break and I can’t wait to go back.