To Do

576. Know what a key grip does

Completed July 18, 2010 Have you ever watched the credits of a movie roll? It’s astounding how many people work to make a movie. And those are just the ones who made it into the credits. If you watch, you’ll see all kinds of bizarre-sounding jobs: dolly grip, gaffer, key grip, best boy, etc. What […]

557. Be a game show contestant

Updated June 27, 2009 Being on a game show sure does look like a lot of fun. The people are always so excited. And really, there’s a game show for just about anyone. While you could win a lot of money, it seems that most people actually don’t win much of anything, so it’s really […]

451. Hold up an attention-getting sign outside the “Today Show” window

Updated June 20, 2010 I don’t get to watch much of the Today Show, maybe about 10-15 minutes while I’m eating breakfast in the morning, but one of my favorite parts of the show is when one of the reporters talks to the people standing outside in the crowd, wearing special T-shirts or holding up […]

308. Compete on “Jeopardy”

I took the first-round test to get on Jeopardy in November 2008. If my score was acceptable, I might hear from the casting people anytime in the next 18 months.

244. Have my name mentioned on national television

Updated January 21, 2009 Hopefully it will be a good mention, not some announcement about how I stole millions of dollars from some hapless investors and then disappeared.

163. Watch Cartoon Network for 24 hours

Updated April 4, 2010 I used to really, really love cartoons. I looked forward to camping out in front of the television each Saturday morning for hours. Even as an adult I frequently stumble across cartoons that I love – Animaniacs, then PowerPuff Girls. There’s some really cute and clever stuff done in cartoons. So […]

45. Spend one month without television

Updated November 18, 2009 It’s funny that I can remember having only one or two channels, no remote, and my grandpa having to climb up on the roof to adjust the antenna when the picture got snowy, and now I can sit with a remote in my hand and have access to hundreds of different […]