To Do

428. Attend the seventh game of the World Series

I love going to baseball games and this is the ultimate baseball game.

367. Water ski

Fresh air, water, grace, and exhilaration. Well, maybe not grace, but I want to at least try.

327. Sit on the fifty-yard line at the Super Bowl

Neverminded February 13, 2010 Darn, I’m a week late. The 2010 Super Bowl was six days ago. I didn’t even know who was playing until I ran across a mention of it in a design blog the following Monday. That’s how into football I am. In high school, I was in the marching band, so […]

326. Watch a Little League game

As a huge baseball fan, I want to see the players at the very beginning.

103. Sit in the skybox at a sporting event

Updated October 28, 2009 I’m not a big sports fan except for baseball. I love to attend baseball games. The only thing I don’t like is sitting in the sun on a hot summer afternoon. I always try to get a seat in the shade or attend a night game. But sitting in the skybox […]

85. Attend the Olympics

Even if I end up with nothing but last-row tickets to a badminton match, I’ll be happy.

27. Sip a mint julep at the Kentucky Derby

Horses, costumes, and mint juleps seem to be the best of Kentucky.