To Do

95. Stay at a monastery

I’d like to be surrounded in quiet and spirituality.

63. Drink the healing waters on Margaret Island in Budapest

Updated May 16, 2010 There aren’t many places on this planet that I wouldn’t like to travel to. I definitely have a wandering foot that gets itchy from time to time. There’s nothing for discovering more about yourself than to put yourself in an entirely new place with an entirely different culture. All your comforts […]

48. Participate in a moonlit drum circle

Updated May 11, 2009 There is something ancient and primitive about bonding with others in a moonlit drum circle. I know of a drum circle that meets each Sunday evening on Venice Beach, but I have never gone. The beach seems like the perfect place for such a thing, doesn’t it?

47. Make a religious pilgrimage

Updated February 21, 2010 I have nothing but appreciation and admiration for most religions, and love reading about them and studying the history, beliefs, and practices involved. This love of studying religion originally resulted from my search for a faith that fit. When I was very¬† young, my family were active members of the Catholic […]

3. Make sure someone has a reason to believe in miracles

How a simple gesture might have saved someone’s life.

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