To Do

524. Go to Brazilian Carnival

The last big party of the year before the start of Lent, Carnival is the Brazilian Mardi Gras.

483. Visit the Galapagos Islands

Updated April 30, 2009 As a biology major, I learned over and over again about Darwin’s historic trip to the Galapagos Islands that led to his theory of evolution. We also studied the islands because of the unique ecosystem and wide diversity of life. I’d just like to go and experience it for myself.

481. Take a bus or train trip through the Andes

Updated January 5, 2010 I’m intrigued at the idea of traveling in South America, though somehow to me it feels less safe than Europe. I love traveling, exploring, and learning about other cultures, but I struggle with feelings of self-consciousness – I am constantly aware of being an American on foreign soil, and my fear […]