To Do

305. Take a walk in the woods on a snowy night

Updated October 28, 2009 There’s not much snow in Southern California, but I grew up in Pennsylvania where there was no shortage of the stuff. Somehow, when the snow fell, things seemed quieter and more peaceful. And even though I am no fan of snow, I have to admit that as long as you don’t […]

228. Build an enormous snowman

Attempted many times during my childhood While I was never a huge fan of winter or snow, sometimes as a kid the attraction of sledding or playing in the snow was too strong to resist. And so we’d bundle up in coats, boots, mittens, hats and scarves and spend a couple of hours pulling the […]

227. Build a huge and elaborate snow castle

Updated September 27, 2009 For now, I’m moving this to my Nevermind list since I’ve decided that I hate snow and never want to live near it again. You don’t get many chances to build snow castles in Southern California. Who knows, though? Maybe someday I’ll be on a vacation and with nothing better to […]

156. Build an igloo

Attempted a few different times during my childhood I grew up in Pennsylvania, near the Great Lakes where we were frequently the victims of “lake-effect” snow. Lake effect snow meant it would snow 3 feet overnight and school wouldn’t be canceled. It was such a matter of routine, nobody batted an eyelash as they waded […]