To Do

553. See Michelangelo’s David

I’d like to ponder one of the most famous works of art of all time.

533. Admire Red Square at midnight

Updated June 22, 2009 Cities all have their own personalities and appearances, but I don’t think anyone can argue that just about any city is at its most beautiful at night. Dingy buildings and cracked sidewalks fade and soft lights illuminate plants and buildings in a gentle glow. Browse through these pictures and tell me […]

531. See the Taj Mahal

Updated February 28, 2010 I think I’m a fan of the Taj Mahal because it was built for love. What a love that must have been to inspire such a graceful and beautiful building. I’d like to stand in its presence and just appreciate it, thinking about how wonderful it is to live in a […]

495. See the woods of Vermont in early October

Updated November 6, 2009 As weird as it seems for a girl who grew up on the East Coast, I’ve never even been to Vermont, let alone going in the fall to see the beautiful leaves. I guess Vermont has quite a reputation for beautiful fall foliage, and it’s probably true if they have a […]

444. Spend the night in a pyramid

Updated February 21, 2010 Unusual and Unique Hotels of the World unfortunately doesn’t list any pyramid hotels among their offerings. I’m not admitting defeat – there’s surely someone somewhere who will let you spend the night in a pyramid. I won’t even require a comfortable bed, as I suspect I’d be unable to get much […]

400. Study the facade of Notre Dame in Paris

Updated February 13, 2010 I am so looking forward to my visit to Paris. I don’t know the date I’ll be going or who I’ll be going with (maybe just myself) or how long I’ll be staying. But I do know that I will spend the better part of an afternoon admiring Notre Dame.

368. See Stonehenge

Updated August 3, 2009 I guess that because of vandalism, Stonehenge is no longer open for visitors to walk among the stones, which is sad. It’s sad that a few baddies have managed to ruin it for everyone. There are a lot of theories about stonehenge – why it was built, what it was used […]

354. Take the ferry to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty

It’s an entire days’ worth of exploring to visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

347. Climb the cone of a volcano

Updated June 8, 2009 If I’m going to climb the cone of  a volcano, I’d like it to be a volcano in a really exotic and beautiful place. Nicaragua has some volcanoes ideal for climbing, but I’m a little nervous about visiting politically unstable countries. There are some intriguing reports from people who’ve climbed Pacaya […]

280. Visit the Biosphere in Arizona

The biosphere was built and the experiments began while I was an environmental studies major. I thought it was a fascinating project.

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