To Do

541. Sing at a wedding

Updated June 22, 2009 This was definitely one of the original items added to the list in high school. I formed two different musical groups with like-minded friends: The Candlelight Quintette and Symphonic Waves. We got a few gigs – we played for the men’s group at the Mennonite church near the holidays and played […]

458. Start a sing-a-long in an elevator

Updated April 4, 2010 I tend to be pretty shy in public, so this one will definitely be a challenge for me. Especially with the weird elevator etiquette that seems to prevail in most buildings – nobody makes eye contact or talks to one another at all – so how can I get people to […]

239. Learn how to sing “Happy Birthday” in 3 languages

A kind gesture, to acknowledge someone’s birthday in their native language.

89. Cut a demo tape at a recording studio

One of the original 50 items on the list – when I was a teenager and wanted to be a pop star.