To Do

334. Tell ghost stories in a pitch-black room

Completed November 1990 In my high school, the area under the stage in the auditorium was probably orginally intended to be used for dressing rooms or storage for props and sets. But the dark windowless rooms were put to other uses. One was turned into a detention room where students who had detention or in-school […]

79. Bungee-jump off a bridge

Moved to the nevermind list June 2008. This might be a little too scary for me. I was a lot more attracted to bungee-jumping when it was brand new and even though lots of people had done it, nobody had yet been hurt or killed. As non-sensical as it sounds, it seemed safer when nobody’d […]

37. Hang-glide

Updated August 11, 2009 I don’t typically think of myself as someone who is afraid of heights. I’m not, for example, someone who gets nervous on the first step of a step ladder. But I am nervous at any height where a fall could result in bodily injury or death – that’s just good sense. […]