To Do

392. Take a bubble bath built for two

Candlelight, bubbles, warm water.

336. Slow dance on the porch in the dark

Updated January 17, 2011 Is there anything more romantic than spontaneous slow-dancing? Especially on the porch on a warm evening? Of course, first you need a porch. Unless you think a balcony overlooking a parking lot counts.

297. Lie on the couch and feed chocolates to my lover

Romantic and luxurious, just to revel in love.

291. Be fed a succulent pomegranate

Delicious succulent fruit, eaten in the most romantic way possible.

246. Get seduced

Completed many times over. It’s not that kind of blog (I keep telling you that, so quit clicking on the lascivious-looking to do items), so you won’t get any sordid details. Suffice to say that I have been seduced, and it’s been a wonderful experience every single time.

245. Seduce someone

Completed I’m not really sure when Yes, I do believe I’ve managed to seduce someone sometime. I can’t say as I can tell you when was the first time or even the last time – and you’re not getting details because it’s not that kind of blog.

166. Compose a steamy love letter

Updated May 19, 2009 While it’s nice to say what you’re thinking to those you love and desire, you simply cannot be together all the time. And no matter what, written words have more weight than spoken words. You thought about those words and carefully arranged them, took the time to write them down. If […]

152. Send Valentines to everyone

It’s nice to be remembered on a special holiday.

113. Have a violinist play for me by the dinner table

I’d love to have a violinist play just for me – and whomever I’m eating dinner with.

112. Have breakfast in bed for two delivered

It would have to be a Sunday morning in bed with the newspaper and a delicious breakfast.

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