To Do

90. Go skinny dipping

Completed August 2004 Wild things are bound to happen when you spend time with a Mermaid. You know how this goes. You’re sitting around talking, you have a few glasses of wine. You decide to go up on the roof of your building to appreciate the view of the Hollywood sign and the LA skyline. […]

79. Bungee-jump off a bridge

Moved to the nevermind list June 2008. This might be a little too scary for me. I was a lot more attracted to bungee-jumping when it was brand new and even though lots of people had done it, nobody had yet been hurt or killed. As non-sensical as it sounds, it seemed safer when nobody’d […]

76. Parasail

Updated February 8, 2009 This is parasailing: Photo courtesy of SJ Photography. I love to be out on the water, and this seems like a great way to have fun without it being too terribly dangerous. Look at the view you could have: Photo courtesy of juanpg.

42. Do something scandalous

Completed November 2004 The Friday after Thanksgiving, me and three girlfriends (who will remain nameless) decided to take ourselves out for a nice dinner. We chose an adorable little Italian restaurant. We ordered a bottle of wine and shared a divine salad as our starter. The cook sent us a delectable little plate of tasties […]

37. Hang-glide

Updated August 11, 2009 I don’t typically think of myself as someone who is afraid of heights. I’m not, for example, someone who gets nervous on the first step of a step ladder. But I am nervous at any height where a fall could result in bodily injury or death – that’s just good sense. […]

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