To Do

523. Memorize “Jabberwocky”

Updated May 4, 2009 In ninth grade, I had the weirdest English teacher ever. She really liked Jabberwocky. She read it out loud to us multiple times, then made us all stand up and ‘dance’ to it while she read it again. This is the stuff of horror movies when you’re 15. Teenage trauma aside, […]

334. Tell ghost stories in a pitch-black room

Completed November 1990 In my high school, the area under the stage in the auditorium was probably orginally intended to be used for dressing rooms or storage for props and sets. But the dark windowless rooms were put to other uses. One was turned into a detention room where students who had detention or in-school […]

230. Read the Bible and the Koran

I’m studying different religions and finding the similarities more striking than the differences.

171. Have custom bookcases built

Updated February 28, 2010 I love being surrounded by books – in my dream house, the rooms would be lined floor to ceiling with them and I’d have librarian ladders to get to the ones at the very top. Maybe I could just live in a library somewhere.

119. Teach someone to read

Attempted January 2002 In an effort to fulfill this goal, I contacted my local literacy council and told them I wanted to volunteer. The program coordinator told me that they didn’t really need any literacy tutors at the time, but that they were desperately short on English as a Second Language tutors. She said that […]

58. Read to children

Update posted January 18, 2009 When I was little, I loved to have people read to me. I loved the stories, but because I was a new reader, it was so much work to read the stories on my own. But hearing them was enough motivation to keep learning so I could read on my […]

56. Donate books

Completed January 2002 Squirrel and I ran a book drive to benefit Reading Is Fundamental (RIF). Oh, we put so much work into it. We made flyers. We put collection boxes at three different locations. We compiled a suggested shopping list of bestsellers, classics, and Newberry and Caldecot medal winners. In the end, we collected […]

49. Write a letter to the editor

My letter to the editor was published in Real Simple magazine.

16. Write a novel

Thanks to NaNoWriMo, I finished writing my first novel.

1. Write an non-fiction book that people will actually want to read

Plans for two, and maybe even three nonfiction books.