To Do

151. Meet and really speak to three genuine eccentrics

Updated April 4, 2010 I guess, first, I’d have to define what I consider to be eccentrics because we all have our own little quirks that make us different from everyone else. I’ve met plenty of people who were extremely eccentric, but haven’t really spoken to them. Honestly, I feel a little intimidated speaking to […]

126. Perform a citizen’s arrest

Updated May 19, 2009 It really is a real thing. You can arrest and/or detain someone if you witness them committing a felony. You can also take them to the police station. Though, I imagine it’s pretty scary and maybe not the smartest thing. Maybe if I witness someone really un-scary commiting a white collar […]

36. Spelunk

Updated January 31, 2010 I was inspired to go exploring caves when I watched a documentary of Carlsbad Cavern. They showed a small team of scientists going deep into the caves for days and days at a time, finding out what was in there, wading through pristine underground lakes and sleeping in cozy little nooks […]

23. Have a message sky-written to someone

Updated January 10, 2010 A couple years ago, I went to lunch on a clear, sunny if somewhat windy day and saw a skywriting plane. It was much too windy for skywriting, and the letters only hung around for a few minutes, so that it was more of a disappearing message than anything. You had […]

4. Milk a cow

Updated May 4, 2009 I guess it’s kind of surprising that I grew up surrounded by dairy farms, but have never actually milked a cow. I’ve helped get the herd from the field into the barn in time for evening milking, but I haven’t done the milking myself. A big reason for that is probably […]