To Do

376. Move an audience to tears

Updated February 13, 2010 I am so easily moved to tears – perhaps when I added this to the list, I was thinking that everyone else was like me? I have gotten misty-eyed over that silly Parisian Love Google Search Story at least three times now, and I won’t even watch it any more. Maybe […]

154. Give a rousing or moving speech

Updated January 2010 While standing up in front of a crowd does still make me a little nervous, I’m no longer shaky and uncertain while I’m standing up there. I like sharing knowledge and empowering people to do something they really want to do. Teaching can be really fun. But I’ve hardly been able to […]

53. Do an open-mike night

Updated September 7, 2009 I’ve never even been to an open-mike night – I wonder what people do. I would imagine that most people sing, but it would be a lot more entertaining if people went up and told stories or did standup routines or read poetry or whatever they felt like at the moment. […]

24. Become a great speech giver

Perhaps I’ll take a few public speaking classes or join Toastmasters.