To Do

567. Wear flowers in my hair

Completed November 2004 Even with my hair in a short pixie cut, it looked good. Picture by McCabe.

539. Send a friend flowers for no particular reason on no special day

Updated May 3, 2010 Can you imagine how great it would feel to just receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers out of the blue one day? It would just be impossible to have a bad day after that. So I’ll do that for one of my precious friends one of these days. And maybe I’ll […]

535. Put flowers on the untended grave of a stranger

Updated August 1, 2009 I have put flowers on the graves of strangers before, but they could hardly be called untended. One Wednesday evening a few years ago, I took myself on a date in Westwood Village. I ate a wonderful dinner at a small Italian restaurant, then wandered the farmer’s market that used to […]

528. Attend the Tulip Festival in Skagit Valley, Washington

The Tulip Festival happens every April in Skagit Valley, Washington for 26 years.

516. Grow a garden of wild flowers

Updated January 5, 2010 If only I can figure out how to beat my own black thumb – maybe I’ll be able to get this one done. Although, theoretically, wild flowers would be hearty and easy to grow – else how would they have survived in the wild all this time? Maybe wild flowers will […]

468. Fill the bed with rose petals

Updated August 1, 2009 Commercial roses make me really sad – they’ve been bred for beauty and longevity at the expense of their glorious scent. Buy a dozen roses at a florist and you’re lucky if they smell like roses at all…but you can be sure they’ll look lovely in a vase for 2 weeks […]

442. Plant an indoor herb garden

Completed January 2004 and October 2004 Okay, so my to do list says plant an indoor herb garden. It doesn’t say “Grow an indoor herb garden” or “Have an indoor herb garden that flourishes.” I blame my black thumb. First, I tried to plant the herbs from seeds. Most of them at least started growing. […]

267. Grow a giant pumpkin

Updated April 13, 2009 I guess this will have to wait until I have a house with a yard and a garden available. I’d like to grow a pumpkin at least three feet tall and enter it for a prize in the county fair.

149. Learn the names of 10 wild plants and be able to identify them

Completed during the summer of 1997 What was I doing during the summer of 1997 that I was able to name and identify at least 10 different wild plants? I was working as a cotton and tobacco scout. It was an absolutely miserable job that involved tromping through acres and acres of cotton and tobacco […]

135. Plant a tree

Updated May 19, 2009 I find it kind of hard to believe that I’ve never planted a tree, but I can’t remember ever having done it. I know we planted some seeds in elementary school, but I don’t think they were trees, and I know they died before they made it out of the paper […]

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