To Do

568. Own a handknit sweater

Completed March 2000 My grandmother is an expert knitter. She makes the most beautiful sweaters, afghans, scarves, hats, mittens, etc. I don’t think I can ever remember her without her knitting needles. It’s definitely something that she’s passionate about. When I was little, it seems that I had a new sweater to wear about once […]

393. Own my own plot of land

Updated August 3, 2009 I suppose that if I managed to own my own home, it would come with a plot of land. Or else I could save up my pennies and just buy an empty plot of land. Maybe I could build my own house there later, or put it to some other good […]

341. Own an expensive diamond

Updated April 4, 2010 Yes, it would be fabulous to own an expensive and beautiful diamond but I’d definitely want to do it by saving up my pennies so that I didn’t also have a giant payment hanging over my head for it every month. No sense in going into debt for such a luxury.

304. Own a king-size bed

Updated August 23, 2009 Have you ever slept in a king-size bed? If you’re used to a queen or full-size bed, it seems absolutely gigantic – like you could get lost. You can lie sideways and your feet won’t hang off the edge. In reality, a king-size bed is just twice the size of a […]

12. Own a convertible, preferably a Mustang

Completed January 2008 Well, she’s no Mustang, but she sure is cute.