To Do

495. See the woods of Vermont in early October

Updated November 6, 2009 As weird as it seems for a girl who grew up on the East Coast, I’ve never even been to Vermont, let alone going in the fall to see the beautiful leaves. I guess Vermont has quite a reputation for beautiful fall foliage, and it’s probably true if they have a […]

478. Take a helicopter to the top of a mountain and hike back down again

It might be cheating, but I think it would be fun.

305. Take a walk in the woods on a snowy night

Updated October 28, 2009 There’s not much snow in Southern California, but I grew up in Pennsylvania where there was no shortage of the stuff. Somehow, when the snow fell, things seemed quieter and more peaceful. And even though I am no fan of snow, I have to admit that as long as you don’t […]

221. Bathe in the light of the full moon

Updated July 13, 2009 In celebration of joy, of love, of nature, of the moon herself, of beauty. There is definitely magic in the light of the moon – and the light of the full moon is only stronger and more magical.

195. Witness a miracle

Completed over and over again. I held my tiny little newphew in my arms minutes after he was born. I saw a gigantic rainbow stretching across the state of Nebraska, touching the horizon at both ends. A good friend’s sister was in a car accident, fell down a flight of stairs, and was struck by […]

105. Hike the Appalachian Trail

Updated January 2, 2011 Maybe I’ll do this after I’m retired. It’s probably just the pace of my life, but there’s something really appealing about spending a couple of weeks in the wilderness, unplugged and enjoying the trees.

57. Take a natural mud bath

I’d like to know what it’s like.