To Do

143. See a live performance of Beethoven’s Sixth

Updated May 19, 2009 I think one of the most wonderful things about being a band geek is that you learn a lot about music and develop an appreciation for classical music that I think a lot of other people miss. You also learn nice things like that while Beethoven’s Fifth and Ninth Symphonies are […]

113. Have a violinist play for me by the dinner table

I’d love to have a violinist play just for me – and whomever I’m eating dinner with.

106. Take the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg

A chance to see all the sites from the iconic movie.

89. Cut a demo tape at a recording studio

One of the original 50 items on the list – when I was a teenager and wanted to be a pop star.

48. Participate in a moonlit drum circle

Updated May 11, 2009 There is something ancient and primitive about bonding with others in a moonlit drum circle. I know of a drum circle that meets each Sunday evening on Venice Beach, but I have never gone. The beach seems like the perfect place for such a thing, doesn’t it?

32. Karaoke

Some people seem to think it’s fun, others think it’s torture. I guess I’ll have to try it to figure out which side I’m on.

15. Learn to play acoustic guitar

I haven’t even held a guitar.

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