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546. Ably describe honky-tonk, ska and bluegrass

Updated September 7, 2009 Thanks to the omniscience of Wikipedia, anyone who can read can go and find a nice definition and description of honky-tonk, ska, and bluegrass. But music isn’t the kind of thing that you really know from book learning and stale definitions. It’s the kind of thing you have to feel. It […]

541. Sing at a wedding

Updated June 22, 2009 This was definitely one of the original items added to the list in high school. I formed two different musical groups with like-minded friends: The Candlelight Quintette and Symphonic Waves. We got a few gigs – we played for the men’s group at the Mennonite church near the holidays and played […]

503. Rent a jukebox for a party

Updated December 11, 2009 When I was growing up, a lot of places were equipped with juke boxes, from the Pizza Hut where we liked to eat lunch from time to time to the arcade where we hung out all summer long, a few quarters would make sure you heard all your favorite songs, and […]

493. Throw a masked ball

Updated August 3, 2009 I’ve never known of anyone to actually throw a masked ball in real life. I’ve only seen it on television shows and in movies. But it looks like a tremendous amount of fun. Mostly I just want an excuse to wear an outrageous outfit and carry around an elaborate mask on […]

458. Start a sing-a-long in an elevator

Updated April 4, 2010 I tend to be pretty shy in public, so this one will definitely be a challenge for me. Especially with the weird elevator etiquette that seems to prevail in most buildings – nobody makes eye contact or talks to one another at all – so how can I get people to […]

249. Go Christmas caroling

A group of friends and I went caroling door to door near Christmas time during our senior year of high school.

241. Be a deejay

Completed November 1991 In high school, a beloved classmate’s parents decided to move to a new town. We were all sad – we’d miss her so much. We had a huge four-car garage attached to our house, and I got my parents to reluctantly agree to let me and my friends throw a big going […]

210. Conduct a symphony orchestra

Updated February 8, 2009 I was a band geek in high school. The thing you don’t realize if you yourself weren’t a band geek, is the appreciation of music that is instilled in you. You realize and appreciate how talented musicians are when you hear them play a difficult piece of music well. I’d just […]

181. Learn the second stanza of the “Star Spangled Banner”

Updated February 28, 2010 I think it’s hard to believe that there’s more than one stanza for the Star Spangled Banner because that last line just seems so final. But Francis Scott Key actually wrote up four stanzas: Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light What so proudly we hailed at the […]

146. Go to an Italian opera

Updated January 10, 2010 I’ve never been to the opera, but I imagine it would be lovely. Of course, I can’t help but think of Julia Roberts in that gorgeous red gown weeping at the beauty of the music. I think it would just be a fun and out-of-the-ordinary thing to do to get all […]

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