To Do

576. Know what a key grip does

Completed July 18, 2010 Have you ever watched the credits of a movie roll? It’s astounding how many people work to make a movie. And those are just the ones who made it into the credits. If you watch, you’ll see all kinds of bizarre-sounding jobs: dolly grip, gaffer, key grip, best boy, etc. What […]

429. Put my hands in Marilyn Monroe’s handprints at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

Attempted February 2010 and August 2004 I must be a total ditz or something, because I’ve gone to Mann’s Chinese theatre (or is it Grauman’s Chinese Theatre?) twice now, attempting to do this and I can’t seem to locate Marilyn’s hand prints. I’ve found lots of other stars footprints and handprints, but I can’t seem […]

417. Have a love affair with a movie star

Updated April 19, 2009 This goal makes me think of that hilarious episode of Friends where they each get a list of seven celebrities they can sleep with and have it not be considered cheating. Who are my list of seven? The seven movie stars that are amazingly talented, gorgeous men who want to have […]

307. Plan the perfect crime and sell it to Hollywood for a movie

Updated June 1, 2009 What is the perfect crime? It certainly doesn’t involve murdering anyone. Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, a la Robin Hood? Doing over some dirty bird who really deserves it? Getting away with a funny and nasty trick? I suppose I’ll have to settle on the perfect crime […]

199. Attend a Hollywood premier

Updated January 2010 I’m right here, I can’t believe this one hasn’t been checked off the list yet. These premiers, they happen just up the street. Maybe I could just show up and they’d let me in. Maybe you have to “know somebody” or be involved in the movie in some way. I have no […]

186. Memorize all the dialogue of my favorite movie

Updated October 4, 2009 I suppose that first I’d have to decide on a favorite movie. The one that’s come closest is Lady and the Tramp…not only can I sing all the songs by heart but I have a good part of the dialog memorized too. I used to annoy my sisters to no end […]

106. Take the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg

A chance to see all the sites from the iconic movie.