To Do

521. Pledge money to public television or public radio

Completed October 2001, and several times since. I pledged $10 a month out of my paycheck to my local public radio station. It’s quite a deal, really. I listen to Morning Edition everyday while I rush around to get ready for work and I am a big fan of This American Life, which plays here […]

515. Set up a scholarship

Updated February 28, 2010 I’d like to set up a scholarship for students just like me. I was a good student who loved going to school, and loved learning. I still do. I worked hard, read anything I could get my hands on, rarely turned in homework assignments late, and participated in anti-drug and alcohol […]

508. Lend money with no questions asked

Updated March 21, 2010 This is on my list because when I was in big financial trouble, friends stepped in a loaned money to me with no questions asked and it was such a huge help. There are two situations where you’d need to borrow money from friends or family – first, when there’s a […]

440. Sell something on the internet

Completed many times over Admittedly, this was added to my list when the internet was shiny and new and selling something on it seemed nearly impossible and magical. I remember how exciting and impossible it seemed that I could sit at my computer, pick something, enter some information, and the the actual, real, tangible thing […]

439. Moonlight with a hobby

If there’s something that you’re passionate about doing, then there’s probably a way to make money doing it.

353. Have enough to retire gracefully

Updated June 8, 2009 For a long time, I was afraid of money. I was so scared that I would never have enough to live comfortably, so frightened of spending the rest of my life poor that I just tried to ignore money. The irony is that an attitude of fear about not having enough […]

344. Get paid what I am worth

Updated January 17, 2010 I guess that to be able to check this one off, I’d have to know for sure what I am worth. I know that I sure do make a lot more money now that I have at any other job I’ve done in the past. I’ve spent time in fast food, […]

260. Buy a car with cash

Attempted January 2008 I was being a good little saver and saving up my pennies to buy a new car. My old car was getting pretty old (220,000 miles) but was still in acceptable condition. But then a friend was selling her car – a car I had always loved and envied. I thought about […]

197. Buy something at Tiffany’s

I’d love to own a beautiful necklace or right-hand diamond ring from Tiffany’s.

179. Invest in the stock market

I definitely still want to attempt this one at some point, but I want to be sure I’ve got all my other financial bases covered first.

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