To Do

425. Choose a bridesmaid’s dress that everyone loves

Updated February 21, 2010 My plan is to choose nothing more than the color – and I’ll do my very best to choose a universally flattering one. Then my bridesmaids can each choose their own dresses, whatever style flatters their figure and shows off their assets.

349. Get married, well, remarried

I’m engaged…on my way to being married.

204. Write my own vows

Update January 17, 2010 The first time I got married, it was a rush affair at City Hall – nothing romantic or frivolous. No flowers, no rice being thrown, no cake, no reception. Just me and my husband and the judge who married us, followed by a dinner of fried chicken at Hardees. So when […]

104. Catch the bouquet

I’ve only attended one wedding as an adult – and I didn’t even try to catch the bouquet.

21. Have a beautiful wedding, complete with honeymoon to an exotic location this time

When I got married the first time, it was in front of a judge in a stately mansion in Memphis with nobody else present. I’d like a chance to have a proper wedding.