To Do

346. Get a facial

Completed January 2004 I had a luscious facial at Burke Williams Day Spa in Santa Monica. I say luscious because the aesthetician who gave me my facial used an organic cherry scrub to clean my face because I have sensitive skin. The whole room smelled like a bowl of fresh-picked cherries. The facial also included […]

341. Own an expensive diamond

Updated April 4, 2010 Yes, it would be fabulous to own an expensive and beautiful diamond but I’d definitely want to do it by saving up my pennies so that I didn’t also have a giant payment hanging over my head for it every month. No sense in going into debt for such a luxury.

297. Lie on the couch and feed chocolates to my lover

Romantic and luxurious, just to revel in love.

292. Get a really good foot massage

Updated December 21, 2009 I admit that I’m shy about foot massages because my feet are incredibly ticklish. Sometimes all I have to do is think about someone touching my feet and it makes me feel all wiggly and anxious. But our feet work so hard for so little reward, they deserve to be properly […]

287. Have a professional chef deliver meals for a week

A real luxury that I’d like to enjoy for just a week.

258. Sleep on sun-dried sheets

Updated June 13, 2010 I’m pretty sure that when my mom used to hang our laundry up to dry it was because she was saving quarters. It wasn’t a luxury – it was scrimping and being frugal. But as an adult, it seems like a real luxury to have a yard and a clothesline and […]

252. Get dressed up and have brandy at a piano bar

Updated November 6, 2009 There’s just something fun and appealing about getting dressed up for no particular reason and heading out on the town to a posh spot like a piano bar to have some brandy as though you lived that high on the hog every day of the year. Yes, this is me in […]

231. Sleep on satin sheets

Updated January 10, 2010 Sleeping on satin sheets just means a bit of luxury in an everyday thing. Don’t we all deserve a bit of luxury and beauty in our lives?

218. Take a milk bath

I floated in a bubbly, wonderful-smelling tub of milk at Burke Williams Spa.

200. Spend a weekend in the Waldorf-Astoria

Updated August 17, 2009 The Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York City has become an icon of luxury. Of course, I could stay in any luxury hotel for a weekend, but I’m attracted to the Waldorf-Astoria because of its history. Marilyn Monroe lived in the hotel for a short time. And I love Waldorf salad. So […]

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