To Do

518. Orbit the Earth

This one is out there, but with stories of moon tourism popping up, who knows? It could happen.

502. See a full solar eclipse

Updated February 13, 2010 Well, I guess you can’t actually ‘see’ a full eclipse unless you fancy it being the last thing you ever see, but I’d like to witness a full solar eclipse. I’ve seen a full lunar eclipse and nearly 30 years later, the experience is still with me. It was one of […]

479. Watch an egg hatch

Updated August 17, 2009 How lucky must you be to happen to catch an egg in the moment when it’s hatching. I understand that some people were lucky enough to have had an egg incubator in an elementary school classroom, where the students watched over the eggs, and sometimes, had good enough timing to watch […]

446. Scuba-dive for jewelry in a public lake

I’ve lost enough jewelry at public swimming places to know that there’s a treasure to be found.

365. Find a masterpiece at a garage sale

I’ve never had much luck finding treasures at yard sales, thrift shops, and swap meets, but maybe if I keep trying.

358. Fall asleep counting my blessings

Updated May 3, 2010 I’ve been raising my awareness about how supremely lucky I am. It’s so easy to concentrate on lack and all the things I want to do and have and to feel deprived. But all it takes to turn that around is shift focus away from what isn’t to what is. I […]

327. Sit on the fifty-yard line at the Super Bowl

Neverminded February 13, 2010 Darn, I’m a week late. The 2010 Super Bowl was six days ago. I didn’t even know who was playing until I ran across a mention of it in a design blog the following Monday. That’s how into football I am. In high school, I was in the marching band, so […]

232. See a ghost

Completed April 1999 One night I was home by myself, making some soup in the kitchen when I thought I heard a noise behind me. I turned around, and there was my Grandpa, who had passed away a year or so earlier, just standing there, smiling at me. Weirdly, I wasn’t scared or upset. I […]

104. Catch the bouquet

I’ve only attended one wedding as an adult – and I didn’t even try to catch the bouquet.

29. See the aurora borealis

It’s as though Mother Nature said, “Fireworks? You want fireworks? I’ll show you how to light up the night sky.”

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