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204. Write my own vows

Update January 17, 2010 The first time I got married, it was a rush affair at City Hall – nothing romantic or frivolous. No flowers, no rice being thrown, no cake, no reception. Just me and my husband and the judge who married us, followed by a dinner of fried chicken at Hardees. So when […]

195. Witness a miracle

Completed over and over again. I held my tiny little newphew in my arms minutes after he was born. I saw a gigantic rainbow stretching across the state of Nebraska, touching the horizon at both ends. A good friend’s sister was in a car accident, fell down a flight of stairs, and was struck by […]

187. Love more than once

Completed May 2006 I think it’s just a natural instinct to withdraw a little bit and protect your heart once it’s been broken. The thing is to allow yourself to heal, then pick up the pieces and move on – open up to someone new – maybe a little bit slower, maybe a little more […]

166. Compose a steamy love letter

Updated May 19, 2009 While it’s nice to say what you’re thinking to those you love and desire, you simply cannot be together all the time. And no matter what, written words have more weight than spoken words. You thought about those words and carefully arranged them, took the time to write them down. If […]

152. Send Valentines to everyone

It’s nice to be remembered on a special holiday.

150. Inspire someone

Completed many times over, most recently October-December 2004 I’ve learned that the best way to inspire someone is to simply do your own thing, be your own person, follow your own dreams, achieve your own goals. Be yourself. My most recent bout of inspiring someones was finally moving back to California, and after spending 3 […]

132. Buy a star and have it named for someone

Updated September 7, 2009 Did you know that you could buy a star and name it whatever you like? You might think that all the stars are already named, but really, there are so many billions of stars out there, we’d all fall over exhausted before we could name them all. Buying a star is […]

25. Donate an organ

Updated December 11, 2009 I sometimes refer to this list as my ‘list of things to do before I die’. This is one of very few items on the list that I might have to wait until after I die to check off. There aren’t very many organs you can donate while still alive. A […]

21. Have a beautiful wedding, complete with honeymoon to an exotic location this time

When I got married the first time, it was in front of a judge in a stately mansion in Memphis with nobody else present. I’d like a chance to have a proper wedding.

3. Make sure someone has a reason to believe in miracles

How a simple gesture might have saved someone’s life.

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