To Do

355. Take a course at Harvard

I’ve been searching for a group of people passionate about learning.

351. Know the difference between aa and pahoehoe

Completed May 1998 I learned this as part of a physical geography class that I took in college, when we learned all about volcanoes. They’re Hawaiian words for different types of lava. Aa (pronounced ah-ah) is cooler, and therefore thicker and blockier. Pahoehoe (pronounced pa-ho-ee-ho-ee) is hotter and flows smoothly.

338. Perform a magic trick

Updated October 24, 2009 I think that most children have at least a passing fascination with magic. When you’re little enough, you really believe in magic, but as you get older, you start wondering how they do the tricks, and then you just get a headache trying to figure it out, and it’s not nearly […]

329. Get good at black and white photography

Updated February 28, 2010 Oh, I am afraid this might be one I never get to check off the list. I am such a dreadful photographer, how could I ever perfect the art of black and white photography? I suppose on the plus side, with the invention of digital cameras, photographer has become a significantly […]

320. Learn to play Bridge

I either have to find three other nerdy people to play with or a computer to play with me, but I’ll learn it.

306. Learn to juggle

No story here yet.

295. Learn to knit

Completed 2001/2002 I’ve decided to move this one to the complete list, not because I’m a master knitter, but because I can knit. In fact, I rather like it. I could always use more practice, but I’ll get better. I started with dishcloths, knitted from cotton yarn. It’s a good idea because even if you […]

293. Learn some birdcalls

Updated January 5, 2010 One year for Christmas, my mom’s boss gave her a little birdwatching kit – there was a birdhouse, some birdseed, a field guide to birds and a little pair of binoculars. She brushed it off as a minimum effort on his part since his brother owned a store that sold all […]

257. Learn to love wrinkles

Updated January 5, 2010 Maybe I need to add gray hair to this list too. There are a lot of things in life that aren’t within our control – things we either learn to accept and live with or things we struggle against that make us miserable. Wrinkles and gray hair are inevitable, even for […]

240. Learn how to give a great back rub

Updated November 18, 2009 I guess a little bit of common sense and communication go a long way toward ensuring a back rub is never bad – always good. But I’d like to perhaps take a massage class and really learn about anatomy, pressure points, and the best way to work on the various muscles. […]

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