To Do

592. Learn enough about cars to confidently buy a used one and change my own oil

Updated July 18, 2010 I’m marking this one as a ‘work in progress’ because I have actually started learning. Around April of 2008, I took a class called ‘Car Care for Women’ taught by a Karen Valenti, a woman who owns and runs North Hollywood Discount Auto Service. If you’re in the neighborhood and your […]

590. Learn to read Tarot cards

Updated March 28, 2010 If you ask my mother, she’ll tell you that Tarot cards are Satanic – the work of the Devil! I disagree. I think they’re pretty harmless, but vastly entertaining and intriguing. How did an ancient card game in Italy become a fortune-telling scheme? It’s funny – no one seems to know. […]

589. Take karate lessons

I think the practice of karate is great for boosting confidence.

586. Take a self-defense course

Updated August 17, 2009 Mostly I just want the boost in confidence that comes from knowing I can take care of myself in many different situations.

584. Study witchcraft

Updated April 4, 2010 I was a great reader when I was a kid – there wasn’t hardly anything I loved as much as books. I had piles of them and regularly visited the library to get even more. Somehow, a book about witchcraft and spells came into my possession – I have no idea […]

576. Know what a key grip does

Completed July 18, 2010 Have you ever watched the credits of a movie roll? It’s astounding how many people work to make a movie. And those are just the ones who made it into the credits. If you watch, you’ll see all kinds of bizarre-sounding jobs: dolly grip, gaffer, key grip, best boy, etc. What […]

562. Host a foreign exchange student

I think it would be a wonderful experience for my children to have someone their own age visit from another country to attend school with them and learn about their culture.

546. Ably describe honky-tonk, ska and bluegrass

Updated September 7, 2009 Thanks to the omniscience of Wikipedia, anyone who can read can go and find a nice definition and description of honky-tonk, ska, and bluegrass. But music isn’t the kind of thing that you really know from book learning and stale definitions. It’s the kind of thing you have to feel. It […]

525. Be able to tie a granny, a bowline, a clove hitch, and a sheepshank

Updated March 28, 2010 I learned a couple of different kinds of knots on a sailing trip to the Bahamas, though I have, of course, forgotten them since. There’s something sexy and appealing about a girl who knows how to knot a line, don’t you think? Luckily for me, the internet makes finding the instructions […]

523. Memorize “Jabberwocky”

Updated May 4, 2009 In ninth grade, I had the weirdest English teacher ever. She really liked Jabberwocky. She read it out loud to us multiple times, then made us all stand up and ‘dance’ to it while she read it again. This is the stuff of horror movies when you’re 15. Teenage trauma aside, […]

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