To Do

519. Go undercover with a voice recorder

Updated September 7, 2009 Do people only do this in the movies? That can’t be true – they have to use a hidden voice recorder sometimes to get people to admit to things in private that they’d never reveal to a larger group. On one hand, this doesn’t appeal to me since I’d be exploiting […]

506. Take a lie detector test

I’m a terrible liar, so you hardly need a lie detector to tell when I’m lying, but it still might be fun.

396. Serve on a jury

Attempted May 2009 I was called for jury duty in May 2009. I dutifully reported to the court house at 7am and settled in to the jury assembly room, waiting to be called for a trial. But it was not my day to complete this one. The computer system was down, and could not be […]

361. Testify before Congress

Updated September 27, 2009 I wonder what it will be that I’ll be either so passionate about or so knowledgeable about that I’ll earn the privilege of testifying about it before Congress. And I wonder what the circumstances will be…will they be doing some research before passing a new bill into law? Will they be […]

158. Ask questions! Question everything – sexuality, faith, values, and especially my lawyer

Updated May 31, 2010 I’m working on being better at asking questions. Sometimes I’m nervous while I’m meeting with someone, so it’s always good to have someone who’s open to receiving phone calls later to get some questions answered that I think of later. I think I’m also good at questioning the big stuff in […]

126. Perform a citizen’s arrest

Updated May 19, 2009 It really is a real thing. You can arrest and/or detain someone if you witness them committing a felony. You can also take them to the police station. Though, I imagine it’s pretty scary and maybe not the smartest thing. Maybe if I witness someone really un-scary commiting a white collar […]

18. Learn the constitution and all the amendments

In current times, it’s especially important to know what rights our Constitution guarantees us.