To Do

445. Learn Braille

Updated February 8, 2009 I was a voracious reader as a kid. I couldn’t get enough. Most of the kids were allowed to check out two books a week from the school library. I was allowed up to five. I was also allowed to check out books from the ‘big kids’ section when I was […]

286. Invent a new word and spread it around

My invented word is ‘ce-web-rity’ to describe someone famous on the internet. Cuter than ‘web celeb’.

239. Learn how to sing “Happy Birthday” in 3 languages

A kind gesture, to acknowledge someone’s birthday in their native language.

238. Learn how to say “I love you” in at least 10 languages

Updated April 13, 2009 I love you. (English) Je t’adore. (French) Te quiero or Te amo (Spanish) Three down, seven to go. Any suggestions on which languages I should try?

155. Learn a new word everyday for a whole year

Word-a-day calendars, word-a-day emails, or just old-fashioned finding a word in the dictionary each day.

96. Learn American Sign Language

Updated November 15, 2009 As a child, I was plagued by ear infections. It seemed that I had one more often than I didn’t. And the whole situation was made worse by the fact that I hated taking medicine of any kind (what kid doesn’t?) and would keep quiet about the ache in my ear […]

6. Learn to speak Spanish

It’s a lot of work to learn a new language, but it can be a lot of fun too.