To Do

568. Own a handknit sweater

Completed March 2000 My grandmother is an expert knitter. She makes the most beautiful sweaters, afghans, scarves, hats, mittens, etc. I don’t think I can ever remember her without her knitting needles. It’s definitely something that she’s passionate about. When I was little, it seems that I had a new sweater to wear about once […]

295. Learn to knit

Completed 2001/2002 I’ve decided to move this one to the complete list, not because I’m a master knitter, but because I can knit. In fact, I rather like it. I could always use more practice, but I’ll get better. I started with dishcloths, knitted from cotton yarn. It’s a good idea because even if you […]

75. Crochet or knit a sweater

Completed October 2004 After three false starts, I finally completed a sweater. Well, okay, so it was a baby sweater. But that still counts! The little baby sweater now belongs to my friend Jilly’s adorable little baby boy. It is 100% baby merino wool in lavender, pink, blue, cream, and taupe. It’s a cardigan with […]