To Do

412. Make a cranky person laugh

Just want to bring a little brightness to someone’s crabby dark day.

405. Leave a $50 in a blind person’s cup

Neverminded January 5, 2010 This was one of the original items added to the to do list when I was naive enough to believe that the world was really like the one I saw on movies and television and that in every big city there were blind people hanging out on street corners with cups […]

402. Buy a friend a gift for no reason at all

I want my friends to know that I’m thinking of them even when they’re not around, so I buy little things that remind me of them.

387. Smile relentlessly and be nice to a grumpy person

Completed many times over. People who are grumpy know that they’re grumpy. There’s usually a reason for it, unless they’re one of those perennially grumpy people. But even perennially grumpy people can be broken. I’m grumpy sometimes too. Crabby. Cranky. But I do not let other people’s moods affect mine. I let the grumpiness slide […]

332. Write a personal note in every Christmas card

I no longer include the sending of Christmas cards in my pared-down Christmas celebration.

323. Leave someone a surprise in my will

Updated November 6, 2009 I’ve actually just finished reading Then We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris, where one of the characters dies and leaves his coworker a beautifully hand-carved totem pole rather unexpectedly. The totem pole turned out to be quite valuable and the man who inherited it donated it back to the […]

321. Do something incredible anonymously

Just for the joy of doing it, without worrying about who will notice and commend my efforts.

317. Do some work for Habitat for Humanity

Updated November 23, 2009 I have great respect for those that donate their time and share of their wealth to help those that are less fortunate. I do what I can from time to time, but I usually manage to spread myself so thin that taking on yet another project is out of the question […]

311. Write an anonymous letter to someone

Updated September 18, 2009 I added this item to my to do list so long ago that I don’t remember what my intent was. Did I want to write an anonymous letter to someone praising them? Did I intend to scold a loud neighbor anonymously? Did I want to be a secret admirer and confess […]

279. Play Santa for a needy family at Christmas

This would be a great way to spend my Christmas money – rather than give gifts to family and friends who already have more than they need, help a family in need.

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