To Do

587. Volunteer to take care of babies with AIDS

Updated June 27, 2009 One of my favorite movies of all time is Living Out Loud with Holly Hunter and Danny DeVito and Queen Latifah. I recommend you watch it if you haven’t seen it yet. Near the end of the movie, Holly Hunter’s character has really taken charge of her own life and we […]

544. Sponsor a needy child

I want to do my part to help a hungry child have a better life.

526. Leave a present for the postal carrier in the mailbox

It’s always good to leave a gift to thank someone for a job well-done.

514. Serve in the Peace Corps

A chance to learn another culture and genuinely improve other people’s lives.

488. Sell Girl Scout cookies

Updated June 22, 2009 I suppose that as an American girl, you get two chances to sell Girl Scout cookies. Once when you are Girl Scout age, and once again when your own daughters are Girl Scout age. I never was a Girl Scout. Not that I didn’t want to be, but I wasn’t allowed. […]

470. Leave lots of snacks for the baby sitter

Updated June 27, 2009 It seems kind of surprising to me now, but when I was 12 years old, I started a little babysitting business. I got some regular jobs and used the money I earned as spending money to go to school dances and buy lots more clothes and makeup than my parents thought […]

466. Buy the house a drink

Sure, I’d be the most popular person in the room for the rest of the night.

457. Share my umbrella with a stranger

Updated March 7, 2010 It surely doesn’t rain much here in Southern California, and most of the time, there also aren’t a lot of pedestrians around, since everyone drives their car around all the time. But I’ll keep my eyes open for some poor soul getting soaking wet on the sidewalk when I have an […]

431. Deliver a home-cooked meal to a sick friend

Tangerine and I prepared a feast for a friend who had just had a baby and needed some help getting some real home-cooked meals on the table.

422. Give a bus driver a present

Updated June 13, 2009 I’ve seen bus drivers take a lot of abuse and put up with unruly passengers and angry, rude passengers. I’ve occasionally seen a bus driver strike up a friendly conversation with someone, but I’ve never seen anyone give a present to the bus driver. I bet that would make his or […]

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